Don’t have the time you wish you had to make the kinds of meals you want for yourself and your family?... Or, maybe cooking just ain't your thing. 


With Healthy Is Home Cooking you can now have your favorite meals and snacks made in the style and quantity that is right for  your family.

I am a certified NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and also have years of experience in the kitchen. I am passionate about food, and believe that our meals should be nutritious and DELICIOUS! So now I am combining my cooking experience and nutritional expertise into a package that can be delivered in your own home, right at your dinner table!

This service is right for you and your family if...

  • You LOVE food, daydream about your next meal, like going to bed because it means breakfast is coming soon, and often wish your stomach was endless because food is so good!

  • Have picky eaters or lots of food sensitivities/allergies

  • Love new flavors and exotic spices but don’t know how use them at home

  • Are tired of eating on the go or settling for boxed foods

  • Wish you could eat your favorite “restaurant”-style foods at home

  • Want help transitioning your family towards a healthier diet

  • Don't love cooking and would love someone to do it for you

  • Want someone to teach you how to cook

Whatever your needs and wants may be--I’m willing and happy to work with you!

PRICING: $20 per hour

If you have family members, friends, or neighbors who would also love these cooking services, team up for discounted rates of the same delicious meals. With two families, you'll each get a 10% discount off of the hourly rate. With three families, you'll each get a 15% discount off of the hourly rate.

Raising 4 young boys, working, and getting to multiple activities each night keeps our family moving! For several months Rachel has been cooking for our family and helping to provide healthy, ready-to-eat meals. We love it! Less stress, great food and Rachel's vast knowledge of healthy food choices keeps our family happier and healthier.  ~Andrea, Blaine, MN

Rachel brings her talent and love of food to our home and to make delicious meals.  She adjusts effortlessly to our allergies and makes food we love to eat--and the kids, too!  With two parents working, she keeps us healthier and happier than we could ever be on our own.  ~Shena, Blaine, MN

DON'T HESITATE. Start eating and enjoying delicious & nutritious meals every week! Call 509-710-7399 to ask any questions or get more info.