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Yes, it does!!!


Although I work out daily and am very fit, I began noticing a huge drop in my energy level. Even with sleeping 8-9 hours a night, I was often tired and running into the “afternoon slump.” I figured that at age 52, maybe it was just me getting older. With Rachel’s help, and to my great surprise, I found out I actually wasn’t eating enough, especially of healthy fats. She helped me to revamp my diet, and after adding more calories in, I actually lost 5 pounds in a short period of time! In addition, my workouts and energy levels have both improved. Rachel has a wealth of information and I have recommended her to many of my friends.

~Joy, age 52, interior designer + owner of Joy Robichaud & Associates


I began weaning my son after breastfeeding him for a year. Shortly after that I began experiencing chronic infections every month (yeast, UTIs, etc) that got worse and worse. I found myself at the doctor every few weeks with the same symptoms. They would clear up briefly after treatments but then come right back again every month. I knew we were only treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

After sharing my issues with Rachel, she customized a 30-day cleanse/detox diet plan for me that included supplements to support hormone balance and gut health. The 30 days came and went, and I'm thrilled to say I haven't experienced any symptoms or infections since then! I’m now continuing on with a modified version of the diet because it feels so good. Other benefits I’ve noticed: clearer skin, better sleep, and less sugar cravings. I'm incredibly thankful that I was able to heal my gut and balance my hormones in a natural way without medication.

~Julie, age 30, full-time mom + owner of Tuck&Bonte


I have seen breakthroughs in my health through nutritional therapy over the past six months—breakthroughs I haven’t seen through traditional medicine! On the verge of a fourth sinus surgery to remove nasal polyps, I was desperate enough to try a change in my diet. By eliminating wheat and grains, dairy, and sugar (and building up my organs and immune system through dietary supplements) I regained my sense of smell and taste—things I hadn’t experienced in 20 years! Excessive gas and flatulence (my constant companions) were also gone. Through some slip-ups in my diet, I lost those gains and ended up having surgery, but am again experiencing some sense of taste and smell soon after surgery and look forward to fully regaining those senses.  I believe that nutritional therapy will give me lasting relief and answers for problems that have plagued me for years. What began as a one-month experiment on my part has now become a lifestyle change that will be permanent.

Several years ago the doctors also discovered that I had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. I came out of the extensive and risky eight-hour surgery with very few side-effects, but at my one-year checkup they discovered that the tumor had grown-back by a third already. Another surgery (gamma knife) ensued. It was after my second surgery that I made dietary changes. Sugar is a major contributor to tumor growth, and since I was now sugar-free, I was eager to see what the results would be at my six-month follow-up doctor’s visit. The tumor (they could not remove all of the tumor because of its location) had not grown and had even receded in growth a little—which he said is very uncommon! I asked the doctor if my anti-inflammatory diet could have contributed to the shrinkage of the tumor, and although he shrugged it off, I have complete faith that my dietary changes (and God’s answers to our prayers) were a key factor in the recession of the tumor. Amazing! While my primary aim was to eliminate allergies, I experienced the "side-effect" of tumor-reduction without surgical or medical assistance. Now that’s healthcare that pays off!

~Lisa, 61 years young